UAV Solutions

Off Grid solutions UK Carry out Aerial Photography, Filming, Inspection and Surveying using UAVs. Whether it’s a close visual inspection or land survey from the Air, We have the latest in UAV technology to offer the best in the industry.

We also have a Mobile vehicle with a Full HD Video link Displayed on a large screen to enable quick and precise analysis of Video from the UAV, all the footage is fully backed up using recording equipment with in the vehicle.

If the operation is off terrain we still have the equipment to provide full solutions wherever the project maybe.

All flight operations require careful planning to be successful. We will discuss with you exactly the type of images you require. After a site survey and risk assessment has been completed, our team will plan the required flights to make most efficient use of time.

The separate camera controls on the aircraft allow the camera operator to frame the images exactly and let the pilot concentrate on positioning the aircraft. The video downlink aids with positioning of the aircraft for that perfect shot and evidence.

We undertake work wherever our services are needed we can rapidly respond to any scenario and emergency whether it’s for critical infrastructure reports or for Images or promotional video we are always there to assist, our commitment is to achieve the highest level of safety, working within our strict safety guidelines.


A normal flight would be approximately 10 to 15 minutes long. Our maximum height of operation is 400 feet and the aircraft is never flown out of sight or more than 500 metres from the pilot.

All our Pilots are BNUCS qualified which is a worldwide renowned qualification for UAV Pilots.

We are a fully licenced company with the CAA (Civil Aviation authority), relevant paperwork and insurances will be discussed prior to any project taking place.